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FAMSA is a non-profit organization providing vital services to persons in the family also provide them with psychosocial and emotional support. FAMSA has been in existence since 1954.
Our Centres have passionate team of caring, Counselling, Educational, Remedial and Child Social Workers and Counsellor’s to help you and /or your family. We offer a combination of Individual (Adult and Child), Couple, and Family counselling and assessment at affordable rates.
Our core focus is healthy functional family life which is a national priority. We are committed to promoting family well-being. We empower people to build, reconstruct and maintain sound relationships, in the family, in marriage and in the communities. We achieve this through our basket of services and utilising our network of 28 affiliate offices in all 9 Provinces of South Africa.
Today, FAMSA is a leading non-governmental organization in South Africa offering psychosocial counselling and employee wellness programs throughout South Africa, and has been the market leader in this field for decades.
FAMSA works with all communities across racial lines throughout South Africa to address their particular needs. FAMSA has been in existence for 60 years

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When a Family is in its position, there is a direction in the  community

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The National leader in services that enhance relationships



To support individuals, families, organisations, communities and society to build, restore and sustain functional relationships.



We believe that healthy and stable relationships promote healthy individuals, families and communities.

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The first bureau for marriage counselling in South Africa was Established in 1948 in Johannesburg. It became an organisation to which people with Family & Marriage related issue could turn to for help.

A national Family and Welfare Conference, with family problems and disintegration as the main theme, was held in Johannesburg in 1954. Dr Mace and his wife Vera were invited on that occasion. After that Conference the South African National Council for Marriage Guidance and counseling was established on the 6th of October 1954.

Over the years the South African National Council for Marriage Guidance and Counseling changed their name to the Family and Marriage Society of South Africa and is now known as Families South Africa (FAMSA)

FAMSA is a non-profit organisation which survives through Donation and Funding from various stakeholders


  • To empower people on building ,restore and maintain sound relationships in marriage, in the family and within the communities.

  • To promote and to provide preventive, reconstructive and developmental services in the field of family preservation and interpersonal relationships that are accessible and equitable.

  • To impart information, knowledge and skills about the enrichment of marriage, family life, youth, parenting, marriage preparation , personal development and management , and other interpersonal relationships.

  • To provide specific counseling and remedial services to individuals, couples, parents, families and groups regarding the challenges and problems they are facing in their personal and interpersonal functioning.

  • To identify, train, supervise and give professional support to suitable persons as counselors, group workers and community development workers. 

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